Today is a gift, that is why it is called the present


I believe that karma has brought us together and I am glad we were destined to meet.

I find myself drawn to people who have confidence in themselves and the desire to seek new experiences. I love all conversations and you will find my eyes brightest when you engage me in deep thought about art, culture, business, philosophy and literature. You will notice I smile a good deal - it is genuine and from the heart, I love to laugh!

And perhaps you want to meet someone who is endlessly warm and balmy like summer, sweet as mocha sugar. Someone in whos eyes you can get lost and find a thousand secrets along your journey, and with whom you can share so many new experiences

Having invested in myself, gaining masters degrees and working in corporate business, I found that left me... Cold. So in the true spirit of Summer, I looked for what would warm my heart and what I would love to give my all to.

Being in the present and giving my all to the people I'm with is where my happy place is. I have traveled extensively and also been with all types of people and I do believe that experiences and memories are created with the company that you keep. 

Meeting you is something that excites and entices me, I want to breathe you in and have all my senses tingle with anticipation.