Some tips to spend our time together more pleasantly

You will be meeting the woman in the pictures. I am well dressed, have a flair for the creative and I'm sure we will engage in enthralling conversation.

Please be showered and fresh for our date- I will be!

I have obscured my face to maintain my privacy, please do not ask me to take photos and videos with you. I categorically do not permit recording of any kind during our time together

I do not indulge in unsafe practices inside or outside the boudoir. All food and bottles must be brought in and opened in my presence, else I will not partake of them. Any request for unsafe practices will force me to leave with full donation

Please do not be under substance influence that impacts judgement before or during our time together. If I feel my safety is compromised in any way I will have to take my departure with full donation

I offer an experience, if you have something specific in mind, I would love to hear it, communication is key!  Please check with me beforehand so we are on the same page. However, if you have a list of demands to check off, I might not be the right companion for you

I am flattered that you would like to spend more time with me! If you would like to extend our time together, please ensure you have your donation ready before the time begins. Additional hours are $500