What are three adjectives that would describe you?
Ingenious, creative and persistent

What are your favorite activities?
I love to check out new bars and restaurants, new art shows and exhibitions as well as the ballet. I also enjoy light outdoor activities, hiking and some climbing when the weather is good.

What would be your ideal day?
Starting the day slow is my ideal, breakfast in bed and a walk through the park. I love nature and gardening so a trip to a botanic garden would be lovely. Dinner and a drink to cap off the night.

What kind of people do you like?
People who believe in themselves and those who have a quiet confidence are the ones that I respond to well. I appreciate people who know how to treat me with dignity and respect.  

Can I bring you a gift?
How sweet of you to ask, gifts are delightful! I love whiskey, lingerie, cheeses and gift cards. You can also look at my currently coveting page for more ideas 

Do you date men and women?
I do! I currently date them individually  and I make no discrimination based on color, ability or gender. Please add $200 an hour for duos. I will need the names of all participants and will ask for Government issued ID when we meet. All names should match the names which are submitted to me

Where are you located?
I am in NYC but I love to travel and I'll be any place you choose for me. I do request a travel expenses to be paid up front along with the deposit to make your booking with me


What kind of outfits do you wear?
All kinds! Please let me know the kind of occasion you have in mind for us and I'll dress accordingly. Please check my Instagram for my style

Why do you charge deposits and cancellation fees?
I want to make sure I get to meet you! My calendar also tends to be full and I take a lot of time and effort to prepare for our meeting. Please read my particulars page for more information.





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