Please note that all patronage is for my time and companionship only. All activities that occur during this time are mutually agreed upon and between consenting adults. 

I do offer 15-30 minutes of grace time (free) before we meet in private to get a coffee/ drink to see if we are compatible and have chemistry together. However if you choose to cancel the rest of our time together after this grace period, your deposit is forfeit

Additionally, any time spent freshening up when we meet  is free and I do not count that against our time together. 

All dates over 3 hours require time outside the boudoir.

I do screen everyone I meet. If I have met you in the last year or if you're a good friend there will be no additional screening. Ideally I would love to hear from 2 independent ladies you’ve spent time with.

If you don’t have references I am still happy to see you, I enjoy welcoming newcomers to this world! Please send: full name, phone number (no burners), blank email from your place of work, and LinkedIn. I will check government issued ID when we meet, the name should match the name on the form.
I am the soul of discretion and I delete all personal information after we have met.


When we meet I request that the donation be on the table in an unmarked envelope or a small gift bag. If we meet privately, in the restroom on the vanity is perfect.  If I do not receive donations in this manner or if I feel my safety is compromised, I reserve the right to leave with full donation

I do take 25% of our booking as a modest deposit to be used against our time together. It can also be used against a later engagement in case of cancellation or rescheduling. Bookings made with less than 48 hours notice require 50% deposit.

If you need to cancel within 24 hours, I require a 50% cancellation fee to be paid.
I come to meet you in your upscale accommodations or a bar/ restaurant where you would like to share our time together. If you would like me to make reservations or recommendations, I am happy to! I do not offer incall at this time. 

Travel to you

I'm happy to travel to you if you would like! $100 to be paid up front in addition to your deposit for travel from Boston to DC. Deposit with travel is 50% of the total and the date is a minimum of 4 hours. Travel to you is only available on weekends with the possibility of Friday night if availability permits. Any travel that takes me away from the above mentioned locations must be paid for in full with your deposit 

I have a no review policy - for me and for you. I believe that we have our own unique chemistry when we are together which cannot be replicated for other relationships. However I am happy to write you a recommendation if you choose to visit my lovely lady friends across the globe.